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Blogs are one of the most trusted sources to get useful information. Everyone wants to get helpful information. It is, therefore, the job of the blogger to create valuable and exciting content to get the attention of your audience.

Be as it may content post writing is a little tricky; you can read all  the articles on how to write a blog post for several months, but nothing exactly  can prepare you for the real thing like getting started putting pen on paper.

With this in mind, it is better for prospective bloggers to come to terms that there is no such thing as a perfect post as you begin to write your blog posts.

I’m not I saying you shouldn’t be obsessive about your writing details nor I am justifying daggy work for publishing. All I am saying, however, is that even outstanding content posts could always be made to be superb/stellar but with the time limit.. Make every post as great as it can be, be consistent in your writing tasks and learn from the experience, then move on.

Good and astounding contents starts from your ability to be original. Original content gives you an edge in the competition. Repeating a topic in the same way others have is an Utter waste of time and talent.

For companies, building a consistent brand voice and a broader content strategy is done with blogs. More often, clients or customers can easily be connected to through your blog posts, and that requires the company to have well-articulated and engaging blog content.

Creating fantastic content for your blog is not contextual. You can create excellent content both as an individual and as a company. You just want to gain the attention of your readers as well as feeding them with useful and thrilling content.

Identify and understand your audience.

The aim of creating astounding content for your blog is to reach out to your audience. The big question is, how do you get reach many diverse people with a single piece? For a new blogger, you must have an outline to reach your target audience. For those who intend to push their blogging career to the next level, the same goes.

Creating your target/buyers persona is a great way to access and know your audience.

Create unique and original content

Lots of blogs are updated on different topics per second daily, but the problem is the fact that they are almost the same content. The originality of content is one major factor that stands you out as a blogger in this field. Nobody wants to go over the same information in multiple blogs.

It is also an offense punishable by Google copying from other people’s content.it is way better not to post any content at all than to duplicate any from other sources. First, you have to sit down and like other content creators, think of a concept and develop it from scratch.

Only this way can your content be outstanding due to its originality. But keep in mind, in all you are creating, you also want to make it exciting and unique to gain as much attention as you can.

Invest time in crafting catchy headlines and topics

Headlines goes a long way in creating an impression of your topic. It is said to be the lifeblood of your blog, and it is what fascinates readers the most. According to research, 80% of readers glance through topics and headlines, while just 20% will proceed through the content of your blog itself.

With this in mind, you see the need to patiently create a topic or headline that can convert the 20% who glance through to the 80% who read the content.

Make your hook as catchy as your topic/headline

Naturally, humans quickly get tired and discouraged by reading or going through posts (especially long ones). As a blogger, you also need the attention of your readers. Readers get encouraged by catchy stuff.

This should inform you that your headline needs to be appealing. However, the introductory paragraph also needs to draw their attention to go through the entire content. Starting up with a frequently asked question is not a bad idea.

Create useful and relevant contents

When considering a career in blog writing, you must be up-to-date and dish out helpful information. You can consider picking up a topic in;

  • Politics
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • IT
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle and couture
  • Food
  • Religion and so on

There are millions of issues to create your content from, but you also want to keep it up-to-date, short and pointy, interactive, catchy, and unique.

Use of images

Images go a long way, creating impressions in the mind of readers than words.

Because everyone likes a good chuckle, this is the more reason why you should consider using good images/ video for your posts; to make your blog appealing, you need to introduce some pictures to bolster your point. A well-chosen image can help lighten the tone of your posts and inject some much desired  fun into a piece. Good images make great visual punch lines and can be particularly effective if you’re writing about a dry (or flat-out boring) topics

Construct mind engaging content

Engaging the mind of your audience is a skill that has to be implemented while creating content for your blog.  The tips below can help in capturing the mind of your audience;

  • Ask rhetorical questions
  • Paint a lot of scenarios
  • Tell a lot of stories
  • Make it real
  • Make your content self-explanatory

Create evergreen content

To sum all these up, one of the best ways to evaluate an excellent blog is the ability to be useful in all seasons. Crafting out content, this should be in mind. Evergreen content is such in which the users will always find help anytime they visit.

Putting all the stated tips above, I’m super sure your blog content would be amazing.




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When it comes to crafting a pitch that converts, the odds for succeeding at this are not high. The major reason usually isn’t because you don’t have a brilliant idea. Many freelancers suffer from poor delivery of their plans, while others can take a little detail of their concept and create a bigger picture for you. What’s the difference? Delivery!

What makes you stand out or exceptional on the subject of pitching your work? Every  content author has their ample  cut of “terrible” pitches on the business of freelance writing,  but that does ought not hinder you from pitching your gig to land your choice client.

There are lots of  ground work  and pitching strategies to do  before finding out  it is time to send  your pitching hook.

What’s the factor that makes your services exclusive?

Why should potential customers work with you over a competitor?

That is what most of the clients will keep in mind whilst making their choice of who to work with and in view that interest spans are brief.  Most of the clientele are not going to delve into the weeds searching into every little detail you have written in your account.  Your desire is to have the heading to talk what makes you stand out.

In this article, you are going to learn 10 different things you need to put in place when crafting your pitch so that you can be sure that it converts in your favor. Read on to find out 10 ways to upscale and up-sell  your game and serve out a compelling, exceptional, and hard-to-forget pitch to your ideal clients.

The Ten Minutes Rule

Make sure you create a rule for yourself that allows you to use ten minutes to say the juiciest and compelling part of your business proposition. Aking your ten minutes would mean you have to go back and do your home work and chunk off irrelevant information and creating a concise summary that envelopes the entirety of your idea.

In some cases, you will be given time by the client, try to use five minutes less. If you tell them you will use a particular number of minutes, try to use a minute less. And if you say you have a final word, make sure it’s the last word. Choose a pace that allows you to do well without rushing information at the end.

Convert Your Pitch Into A Story

Story-telling is an art, and this art has been proven to capture the mind of the listener. If you want to create a truly unforgettable pitch, then you should turn it into a story. Too much analysis, documentations, numbers, and spreadsheets on the first day can be a bore. So it is best you tell a story, tell it well, and capture the attention of the investors/clients.

Be Focus-Driven

Time is of the essence, and clients read meanings to more things than you think. How you can focus on the essential components of your pitch and work well with time speaks a lot to investors about how well you will be able to manage the funds they pull out for you. Ensure that you talk about only essential and vital parts of your pitch.

Go Into Details Of What Product Or Service You Offer

This part might sound funny or irrelevant, but the investors are not interested in the product. They are more concerned about the money that will be made, and the returns it will yield. Despite this fact, you should still show them the product to feel or explain the service you offer but don’t dwell too long on it.

Explain The Uniqueness Of Your Product

Open the eyes of your investors to what makes your product or service different from every other business proposition. Here, you have to do your homework right and go back to the drawing board.

Be Deliberate About Your Target Audience

You should be able to state your target market to your clients clearly. Let them perceive that you know what you are doing. Speak to them confidently about the demographics your product or service is meant to touch.

Now Talk About How To Reach This Target Audience

Remember that no matter how great your product or service is, it will never sell itself. If you have a brilliant marketing idea, now is your chance to put it on full display. You have to show how you intend to reach your said target audience with realistic and feasible marketing plans. Persuade your investors with a watertight plan; this way,they are sure you mean business, it also shows that you are an expert in your niche and the go-to market authority.

Include Your Revenue Model In Your Pitch

You should know that investors are not philanthropists, and they will love you to answer a question without being asked, “How will I profit from your business idea?” In your pitch, you should be able to show the client  how they will receive their return on investment. You can explicitly explain the type of revenue model you want to use and its application.

Dress As Smart As Your Pitch


It is a natural human tendency for us to address people the way they present themselves to us. You might say you have great ideas, but what allows for an audience from the investor is a smart appearance. If there is need to meet your passive  client face to face, don’t let your dressing be a turn off for the investor after you have sat to do your homework to the last detail. Let your dressing show the fountain of knowledge you have.

Practice Your Pitch And Questions You Might Be Asked

Fulfilling all the things stated above requires that you practice with updates of everything in that niche every minutes, rehearse till you master it. Go over your pitch, and make sure you convince yourself about it. While practicing, also make sure you try to practice answers to possible questions you might be asked. These are perfect ways to position yourself as an authority.

Conclusively, the goal is for you to create a compelling pitch that would make investors feel if they don’t invest in your idea, they are going to be missing out on the next million-dollar venture. Make sure you sound passionate and keep it as realistic as possible sounding accurate all the way.

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